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The Land of Arthur
At the heart of all of the Arthurian legend is the Land itself. To walk through the land is to feel the legends and history itself. Britain has two kinds of geography: the outer, visible one of hills, valleys, trees, rivers, and plants; and the inner, mysterious, myth-haunted one which consists of places that are often no more than names, like Camelot, Camlan, the supposed site of Arthur's last battle, or Badon, the site of his greatest fight against the Saxons. Rivers of ink have been spilled by various commentators in their efforts to identify these places, many of which have remained undiscovered for the simple reason that they were never a part of this world at all, but myth and legend. This is not to say that they never existed, only that the physical places ascribed to them are as often as not false.

The Land of Arthur
Alderley Edge
Arthur's Seat
Cadbury Castle
Cader Idris
Dozemary Pool
Llyn Barfog
Llyn Dinas
Merlin's Cave
Roche Rock
St Govan's Chapel

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