About Us

The guy behind the website

I took my first trip to Britain when I was fourteen years old, but it was long before that, that I began to take an interest in Arthurian legends and literature. Ever since I can remember I fantasized about being one of the Knights of the Round Table, perhaps Tristan or Galahad. I always wanted to find the Holy Grail growing up or the Ark of the Covenant. Adventure was just part of my interest, but deep inside I just loved the legends. The parts of the stories that give you goose bumps no matter how many times you hear them.

At the young age of thirteen, I read Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur for the first time, and from there I began to read just more and more on Arthurian Legends and even the history behind it all. The summer after my sophomore year in college I flew to England and began researching some of the stories myself. I spent a good deal of time in Glastonbury and Cornwall and also quite a bit of time in northwest Wales. I returned to the same places the following year and begin to discover more and more of these places, landmarks and stories for myself.

It’s been almost 20 years since I wrote and built the very first version of this website. But I am excited to release this brand new, updated version now in 2019.

At one point in time I desperately wanted to author a book on Arthurian Legend and History, but for now I’ve settled for this Web site. So, what do I really believe about King Arthur and all the stories? Well, that is still a matter of debate in my opinion. I will let you decide for yourself. So I invite you to read through my website and check out everything for yourself!

Happy learning… 


Nathan Currin is a designer, historian, adventure-seeker and world traveler from the southern United States. He’s been an avid fan of British history and Arthurian Legend for over 30 years and is the head writer at King Arthur’s Knights.