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Encyclopedia Britannica

In Britannia’s award-winning King Arthur section, you can visit the sites that are associated with Arthur, explore the historical evidence for his existence and discover Glastonbury, the legendary center of the Arthurian universe. Also available are original sources and texts, biographies of Arthurian characters, maps, reading lists and more.


The Camelot Project

The Camelot Project at Rochester University uniquely covers Arthurian text, images, bibliographies, and basic information. This is a good source for those interested in Arthurian tradition.

Caerleon has long been associated with King Arthur. Delve into the legend, find out how it developed and trace its links with Caerleon.


Related Links on the Knights


Encyclopedia Britannica

Read more on the Knights of the Round Table in Britannica’s section on the Round Table.


Early British Kingdoms

A fairly exhaustive list of all of the Knights of the Round Table, Early British Kingdoms lays them out in a chart type format.


Other Related Links


Arthurian Legend

A concise and somewhat exhaustive site on various components of Arthurian Legend.


Ancient History Encyclopedia

A reputable and professional website covering all types of topics related to King Arthur, Arthurian Legend, the Knights and more.


The British Library

All types of articles and documents related to Arthurian Legend and the Literature of the Round Table.